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Who We Are

     Professional tree removal and property clearing is our business.

     We have over twenty five years experience helping people take care of their homes and property.

     We take the time to listen, answer questions and work out the best resolution for any problem or project you may have.

     Safety and Respect for you and your property is always our highest priority.

Tree Removal

     We first examine the tree, or trees, in question for their general condition.

     We check for rot and other weaknesses and we check the proximity of buildings, fences and other vulnerable objects.

     We try to rely mostly on smaller, light weight, lift buckets to minimize the chance of ground damage.

     We haul away all wood and branches created by the removal and can arrange stump grinding if so desired.

Property and Lot Clearing

     Unwanted trees and underbrush can be removed to enhance your property and make it more suitable for landscaping and development. 

     We offer a unique program that will benefit you if any of the trees, that are removed, can be harvested as marketable logs. The mill would pay you directly for this lumber and it in turn could be used to offset some of the expense of clearing the property. Details can be explained.

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